Best Action Camera 2018 – Buying Review Guide

You too have succumbed to the purchase of an action camera? Indeed, the possibility of filming the various sporting exploits or simply small moments of his holidays has enough to awaken the interest of the public, all ages. These small appliances are chosen with extreme caution. It’s not about conventional cameras. Potential buyers are much more demanding. Find elsewhere in our buying guide below, the features they are looking for in these products. We have also been able to regroup the most popular models of the moment.

What’s The Best Action Camera?


How To Choose A Good Action Camera?

A camera intended for use in sports activities is not the same as a standard model. An action camera allows you to have beautiful pictures even if you take them during a sudden movement. The only question that arises is how to buy an action camera with a better quality-price ratio. To save you time, we will address 3 criteria of choice: the screen, the connectivity, and the resistance.

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The Screen

The screen of an action camera can be in color or in black and white. The option for any of these products based on this feature should depend on your needs and the intended use of that device. Therefore, we feel it is necessary to talk about this selection criterion in this buying guide for the best action cameras.

A model with a black and white screen is often lighter, less cumbersome and has a longer battery life. For some cameras, the images are only displayed in black and white, but for others, the LCD only shows the settings to control the camera. When this component is in color, it allows to easily control this article, because the menu buttons are easier to access and they contain enough information necessary for use in a good condition. A color-screen camera allows you to view, along with the shot, the video you are recording or the photo you are taking. This allows you to better frame the subject and avoid groping. Nevertheless, when such a screen is of quality to give breathtaking images.


The connectivity of an action camera is variable from one model to another. Basically, all models on the market should have a USB port that you would need to transfer images to a computer. Some products may have an HDMI port that connects your TV directly to this unit to view recorded images. Other models can be controlled remotely wirelessly using a smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth which requires, in this case, the presence of a dedicated application.

In making your choice based on this criterion, you should again consider your needs. After considering these tips, you can turn to a price comparison.


An action camera is particularly intended for athletes and users who wish to take photos or make movies while moving. However, this does not mean that all models on the market are strong and resilient. Hence the importance of checking this feature to avoid having to throw your device after using it once.

Depending on the activity you plan to do, you can opt for a simple model or for a waterproof and dustproof camera. Some of these devices can be used underwater to a depth of 5 to 10 meters or more. And now you are free to go to the question: where to buy a new action camera?


The Best Action Cameras Of 2018

The action cameras are particularly intended for on-board shooting. The different models available on the market include high-quality devices and those with lower performance, each with characteristics that meet the specific needs of users.




GoPro HERO6 Black


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Yi 4K+ Action Camera


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Sony FDR-X3000 Action Camera


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TomTom Bandit


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iSaw Edge


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How To Use An Action Camera?

When you have finished choosing your camera, it is high time to use it. Here, the goal is to get the first grip so you can get used to it. This article will help you take the right steps, especially if it is your first acquisition.

Unpack And Charge The Battery

When you have finished unpacking the camera, make it work. If you purchased a model with a removable battery, insert it into the slot. If not, start charging immediately. To do this, use the USB cable that came with the product to connect it to your laptop or tablet. This cord will also allow you to transfer files on PC glass. You can use the device even while charging.

Insert The Memory Card

If you are trying to take videos or photos while charging, but the device does not work, consider inserting the memory card into its slot for optimal use. Indeed, it is an unavoidable element for the use of this kind of equipment. However, make sure that the format you choose is compatible with your device.

Manually Adjust The Camera

When the charge is complete, the camera is finally ready for use. At this point, you can make manual adjustments. To do this, use the navigation buttons that are integrated on your camera. Surf through the menus and select your preferences according to your needs of use.

Adjust The Camera Remotely

Apart from the manual settings, it is also possible to remotely control your action camera. To do this, use a dedicated application. For this, you can download these applications through the Apple Store, Google Play or others.

When the download is complete, connect your tablet or smartphone to the WiFi network of your device. This will allow your connected equipment to control the camera.

Fine-Tune The Settings

If you want to take a photo and video quality then fine tune the camera settings. Manually increase the ISO sensitivity to raise the brightness during sessions where there is not much light and decrease to lower the brightness.

If you have a model with Auto Low Light mode, enable this system to automatically adapt sequences according to the environment.

Make Good Use Of Your Accessories

For stable images, use accessories that are compatible with your camera to attach to the recommended location. As a result, the camera can film you at the heart of the action.

Diversify Your Fields Of Vision

If you put this camera in one place all the way through, then the resulting images will be monotone. To remedy this, remember to change the camera position from time to time. This will allow you to have images on several angles. This is also the best way to enhance the video to prevent the series of images from being similar from beginning to end.

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