Best Bar Stools 2018 – Buying Review Guide

The bar stool can give you a modern touch to your living room or kitchen. To avoid a bad choice, it is important to know the product in which you invest. A comprehensive guide with a selection of models most recommended by users is available on our website. Nevertheless, if you are a reader in a hurry, know that the bar stool is chosen according to its height, its foot and the type of material with which it is made.

What’s The Best Bar Stool?


How To Choose A Good Bar Stool?

In the past, a bar stool has only been used in bars so that people can settle near a counter. Currently, it is used by many homes in their kitchen or living room. Faced with the multitude of models available on the market, you may be wondering where to buy a new bar stool. Here are 3 criteria that you can consider to facilitate your choice: the height, the foot, and the material.


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The Height

The height of this product is the first criterion we will consider in this buying guide for the best bar stools because it conditions your comfort by using it. The ideal is to match this height to that of the counter or the bistro table. You only need to leave a space of at least 30 cm between the two pieces of furniture so that you can slide your feet between them without being compressed.

In addition, be aware that the height of a bar stool can be fixed or variable, to choose according to your needs. A height-adjustable model can be adjusted depending on the size of the person who will be settling in or in accordance with the level of the countertop or table. This allows you to enjoy more comfort using the stool. On the other hand, there are individuals who feel more stable and secure on a model that remains fixed without requiring adjustment.

In addition, this article can be accompanied by a backrest and an armrest, but there are models that do not have these components. In the first case, the stool is more comfortable while in the second, it stows easily.


Many people are wondering how to buy a better quality bar stool without having a satisfactory answer to their question. If you are one of these people, then take the time to collect information related to the foot of this product. A bar stool can have 1 or 4 feet.

For the first model, this component often takes a rounded or square shape. Make sure that its aesthetic suits your taste and check that it comes with a non-slip base to ensure your safety when you sit on it. The second model is suitable for any type of decoration of a room, whether classic or modern. In both cases, you can check for the presence of a footrest that makes the use of this product more comfortable.

The Material

In order for you to look at the price bar tips for a bar stool, you should find out about the material that makes up this item. This product may have a metal, plastic or wooden structure. If you are looking for a durable and elegant model, you should focus on chrome steel, wrought iron, oak or beech.

As for the seat, the backrest and the armrests, they can be upholstered in leather, which is the most robust, synthetic leather or synthetic fiber. You can check for a thicker padding system at these components if you want to enjoy maximum comfort using the stool.


The Best Bar Stools From 2018

How to choose the best bar stools from 2018? If this question was once asked only by the manager of a bar, nowadays several homes also seek answers. You can have ideas by learning to know this product by its characteristics.




Leopard Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools Hydraulic Chair Bar Stools


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Boraam Copley Backless Adjustable Height


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Winsome Saddle Seat 24-Inch Counter Stool


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Winsome 24-Inch Square Leg Counter Stool


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Trademark Gameroom Black Cushioned Folding Stool


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How To Use A Bar Stool? 

Having a bar stool at home has become a real trend these days. We find this design furniture everywhere in the house: in the living room, the kitchen and all the rest. It allows bringing a touch of modernity to your interior decoration. To help you use this kind of material in the rules of art, here are some tips for use that may interest you.

Find The Cause Of The Squeak Of Your Stool

For some time, you have noticed that your stool creaks a lot, it is unpleasant especially when we receive guests at home. To do this, you must quickly find the source of the problem in order to provide an effective solution. The concern comes in most cases from the seat or the base of the foot of the equipment. You can repair yourself without the need for a specialist.

Think About Greasing Your Stool

When you no longer doubt that it is the seat of your stool that is causing the creaking, dismantle it and start tightening its screws and buttons. These serve to fix the seat to the frame. It is, therefore, logical to strengthen them. If you have noticed that it is the base of the foot that causes squealing, do not hesitate to use a lubricant spray to grease the junction. A silicone lubricating bomb will also do the trick. Then dry your equipment by turning it over the seat.

Put Coat Hooks Under His Feet

You have already moved your bar stool and it keeps creaking. This often happens when the ends of his feet are not well insulated. And it’s even worse on parquet and tiles. Just stick pegs under his feet to solve this problem. Then notice that the unpleasant noise disappears each time you use it.

Clean Your Stool Regularly

The maintenance of this article seems obligatory to preserve its aspect. Each accessory requires special treatments. For example, faux leather cleans naturally with a damp sponge and soap.

Then wipe it with a soft, clean cloth. A plastic model does not support the use of products containing solvent or alcohol. On the other hand, the cleaning of steel and aluminum can only be carried out by using specific products that do not destroy these types of material.

As for leather goods, trust Grandma’s methods by cleaning it with Marseille soap using a sponge. Then, apply baby or body milk for optimal results.

Avoid Using Chemicals

Although the maintenance of the stool is simple, there are still some contraindications to respect. For example, it is strongly discouraged to add chemicals during washing. The soapy water seems ample enough to restore radiance to your stool. Remember to rinse thoroughly after each cleaning. Thus, your equipment will always keep its original appearance even after several years of loyal service.

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