Best Car DVD Player 2018 – Buying Review Guide

This device has greatly improved the travel experiences of many people, especially parents. Owning a DVD player for the car is a guarantee that turbulent passengers have a distraction throughout the journey. Even adults appreciate being able to watch movies on the road, to avoid boredom. Its usefulness is proven, now remains to know which model to choose. We have written for you a list of features to look for and compare.

What’s The Best Car DVD Player?


How to choose a good car DVD player?

A car DVD player will accompany you on your long daily trips or trips. With this buying guide for the best DVD players for cars, you will know the different features to consider when buying such as the size and number of screens, and connectors offered. You will then be able to choose the model that suits you best.

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The Size Of The Screen

Here is the feature that will jump you first: the size of the screen. Indeed, a player with the too small screen will not allow you to enjoy your movies optimally, because you will not see much. It is therefore important that it be of sufficient size for better viewing comfort.

In general, on the market, you will find readers with screens of 7, 8, 9 inches. You could also find devices with screens of 10 inches or more, but these are already more rare, with fairly high prices.

A 7-inch screen is considered the minimum union. It is small enough and would not be suitable for viewing a movie for many. However, it has the advantage of being compact, easy to install, and will be very convenient if you travel often.

Most consumers will give you the advice to opt for an 8 or 9-inch drive. You will be able to better distinguish the details of your movie. The value for money is also very advantageous.

If you can afford it (and enough space in your vehicle), then you can go for a model of 10 inches or more. However, use a price comparison to limit your expenses, because these devices are not given.

Number Of Screens

Before deciding where to buy a new car DVD player, take the time to clearly define your needs. Know the number of screens you need.

The problem with the LCD screens of car DVD players are the reflections. It is then strongly advised to face the screen for maximum viewing comfort. Looking at the ticket, you might not see much.

Therefore, it would be wise to choose a kit with two screens. Installed on each headrest of your car, each passenger will have a screen in front of him, and can, therefore, enjoy the best of his DVD. Some models will even give you the opportunity to watch two different movies on each screen.

However, if the need does not feel, you can very well be satisfied with a single-screen DVD player. This will be enough if you have only one child, for example.


It would be better to be able to play videos from other sources than a DVD CD. That’s why the presence of a USB port has become indispensable nowadays. Thanks to the presence of this port, you will be able to read the contents of your USB key (photos, videos or audio files).

Apart from the USB port, the presence of a card reader would also be appreciated. By being able to read the contents of your memory card, you will extend considerably the possibilities of use of your reader.

Check that the device has an auxiliary input, to connect your smartphone and read the contents.

It will also be appreciated that the player is equipped with video input and output, to connect a game console to the screen, for example, or to connect your player to other displays.

With these facts in mind, you will be able to determine how to buy a car DVD player at a better value.


The Best Car DVD Players Of 2018

Owning a DVD player in his car has become commonplace nowadays. If you buy a vehicle that does not have one, or if you replace a failed model, it’s good to know how to choose the best car DVD players from 2018. Thanks to this small presentation of 5 models DVD players, you will be guaranteed to acquire a reliable and quality device.



10.1-Inch Portable and Ultra-Thin Car Headrest Dvd Player


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Android 5.1 Headrest Video Player Monitor for Car


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NAVISKAUTO 10.1-Inch Ultra Thin Dual Screen DVD Player Car Headrest


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NAVISKAUTO 10.1- Inch Car Headrest Inhalation DVD Player


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NAVISKAUTO 10.1-Inch Ultra Thin Profile Tablet-Style Car DVD Headrest Player


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How To Use A Car DVD Player?

Driving on the road in a car equipped with a DVD player has always been everyone’s dream. This device allows you to enjoy the trip by listening to good music. The turbulent passengers will be able to remain calm throughout the journey.

Choosing among the different models on the market proves to be a difficult task for novices. That’s why they will have to go through a comparison before going to a store to buy a particular product.

Avoid Installing Your DVD Player In A Place Of Risk

Mounting a car DVD player has never been child’s play, as one small mistake on your part could damage the entire system.

According to specialists, it is not recommended to install it on a dangerous site. For example, a very low temperature of -10 ° C may affect battery performance. Chemical transformations that have a negative effect on the screen occur in case of excessive heat above 60 ° C.

Install The Unit In A Dry And Ventilated Place

If you want your device to stay functional for years, make sure it is free of moisture. This can indeed cause a malfunction of the device. Avoid installing it in a cold place in a hot environment, as a water mist can form quickly. CD or DVD playback will not be possible under these conditions.

Attach The Device To The Headrest Of The Front Seats

When you travel for hours in a car, it’s normal if you get bored quickly. The reason it is advisable to install a DVD player in your car. It usually attaches to the headrest of the front seats. Its housing accommodates the reader and its screen.

The mounting varies depending on the model of your vehicle. In any case, the fastening system is designed to fit all head restraints. The power of the device is provided by the cigarette lighter. Just plug it in to do this.

Install A Model With A Dual Screen Because It’s More Convenient

For some time now, dual screen DVD players have become more and more popular. They are favored by buyers thanks to their convenience allowing travelers to enjoy their favorite video clips. Models equipped with dual LCD screens give you the ability to view a single DVD on both devices simultaneously.

Simplify Your Life With A Remote Control

When you’re tired of being stuck in a traffic jam, you want to change your mind by watching a movie or clips on your player. And it will be even more comfortable with a remote control provided for this purpose. This saves you from moving from your seat to control the device. Just press the buttons of the accessory to make the various settings.

Watch TNT Programs On Your Player

You will be surprised to know that there are powerful models that give you the opportunity to capture DTT to follow programs on the road. For this, they ship a tuner provided for this purpose. However, you can not do anything when you are in an area not covered by the network.

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