Best Car Polisher 2018 – Buying Review Guide

Car maintenance is something that is particularly important to you. The purchase of a polisher not only allows you to heal the paint of your car but also to save money by doing it personally, instead of sending it to a garage. The question is now which car polisher will bring you full satisfaction. We offer a buying guide to help you make the best choice. You will find the qualities that must have a good product. We have also compiled a list of the most interesting models.

What’s The Best Car Polisher?


How To Choose A Good Car Polisher?

When your car fades over the years and shows scratches, you can make significant savings by investing only in the purchase of a polisher to restore its original shine. The device is offered under a multitude of models on the market that may suggest that it is difficult to choose one. However, there are some criteria that recognize the one that suits you such as type, speed, and accessories.

Purchase Guide


The Type

In order for this shopping guide for the best car polishers to help you find the model that can meet your requirements, you should first identify the type of device that is right for you. This product can be orbital or circular and each category corresponds to the needs of various users.

An orbital polisher performs a double random and orbital movement at the same time to provide a flawless finish without leaving any trace of any heat generation. It does not involve making a minimum effort to achieve a brilliant result. A circular model carries out polishing by rotation. Its power and the energy it provides are so great that it can remove even the most obvious defects in a vehicle. However, its use requires caution, because you can permanently damage the paint of the car in case of mishandling.

Therefore, a novice user should particularly move towards the first type of device while the one who has more experience in the control of this equipment can move to the second. Part of our hope is that we could help you find out how to buy a better value car polisher.


The speed with which a car polisher operates determines how long you will have to do all the polishing and the quality of the result obtained. Models that appear in the same price comparison and involve the same expense may not have the same level of efficiency because of this characteristic. The reason why it must be considered before making your choice.

On some models, whether circular or orbital, this speed is adjustable and easy to control through a drive dedicated to this function. The advantage of the ability to vary and you can always have the right moves for every task you want to do and at different stages of your work.

The Accessories

Regarding the accessories of this product, the advice we can give you is to check the presence of those you need in polishing so that you can get started right away.

The bare essentials that you should check for include the velcro board and pads or pads. The first accessory is the component intended for fixing the pads. The second is the applicator of the product you want to use for polishing. These buffers come in varying levels of abrasiveness depending on the type of work you plan to do. It is only after considering this criterion that you can ask yourself the question: where to buy a new car polisher?


The Best Car Polishers Of 2018

A polisher is an ideal device to preserve the aesthetics of a car without much effort. When you want to buy one when you want to avoid commercial pitfalls, you should choose it based on its quality and not just on price.



BLACK+DECKER WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher


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DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start


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Torq TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit (9 Items)


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PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher


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WEN 10PMR 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher


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How To Use A Car Polisher?

It is necessary to regularly polish the body of a vehicle to remove defects caused by scratches, oxidation and bad weather. To succeed in this operation to perfection, it will be necessary to equip you with a polisher. This article will guide you through the use of this type of device if it is the first time you buy it.

Start By Preparing The Surface

Before polishing your car, first prepare the facade you are going to treat. This is an essential step since the success of the intervention depends entirely on it. To do this, wash the entire surface with circular motions. Insist more on crevices and cracks, because it is in these areas that the dirt nestles the most.

Follow the logic during the interview starting from the top down. When you have gone around the car, rinse thoroughly. Then let it dry all the time it will take.

Use a soft, clean cloth to dry and run around the car to make sure there is no more water on the surfaces.

Choose Accessories

When the surface to be treated is dry, carefully choose a consumable that is suitable for the task you plan to perform.

Take your device and equip it with a sponge to apply polish. Put adhesive tape on the hood and doors to promote the concentration of the products in crevices and cracks. Then, apply a good coat of polish directly on the car body.

Adopt The Right Moves

When you have finished coating the product, place the device directly on the faceplate you plan to treat. Start by performing overlapping movements by applying a little pressure. Avoid pressing hard, as this may damage the surface you are polishing and also your device.

Respect a special frame in this step. In the beginning, make vertical then horizontal gestures and finish the operation by making diagonal movements. By adopting these specific actions, you will promote the release of the main assets of the substances you use.

Take All Precautions

Avoid using a household detergent to wash your vehicle. This product contains abrasive ingredients that could damage the finish of your car.

Before polishing, check the tool and the surface you are going to treat to make sure there is no dust and even less sand. Indeed, these elements may scratch the finish and the result may not please you.

Apply For Protection

When you have finished your car and all surfaces are well polished, complete the operation by applying a wax or sealer. The latter is the most recommended by experts because its use does not require much effort on your part.

In addition, it provides additional protection against wax. Remember that after the intervention, your paint is left in the open, without any protection. Therefore, apply a product that will allow you to increase its brightness.

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