Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite 2019

Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite – Buyer’s Guide


If you play a game like Fortnite, your chances of winning will depend mainly on your skill and your plans.

A little bit of luck is certainly one of them because when you hit a gray pistol, that’s not a big win.

However, the gaming accessories you use can also play a major role, as it ensures that your error-free game where nothing stands in the way.

That’s why you should invest in the best gaming keyboard for Fortnite, So, find out first……

For The Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite, We Recommend Corsair K70
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Why To Choose The Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite?

A bad gaming keyboard can do a lot to hold you back. If it does not provide fast response to all the clutter in the numerous buildings, the constant jumping and firing at Fortnite, you’ll be caught in no time by a bullet that could have been avoided, by a millisecond jump earlier.

A wireless keyboard that executes your commands too late, or a keyboard that blocks directly when you press several keys, can also be a big problem. The pressed keys should react as fast as you click. A radio signal may turn out at the worst possible time, and a keyboard with limited N-Key-Roll Over may not recognize additional keys if you press many of them at the same time.

We have find out some great keyboards for Fortnite that will help you avoid all these potential issues and help you to avoid some other issues like noise and occasional glitches in the real world.

Many gamers are aware of the uncomfortable feeling when playing, be it the wet hands or the uncomfortable fit. The fact is that the comfort of gaming increases the fun and influences the performance positively. The pressure point of a keyboard can decide whether it is a win or a lot 🙂


Top 3 Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite

#1 Corsair K70

The K70 offers everything needed for the “Victory Royale”. The workmanship is excellent and is supported by the construction of brushed aircraft aluminum. The key spacing is optimal, and the mechanical switches used, the Cherry MX Switches, are also considered the best on the market today.



Top build quality, Splash-proof, Flat design


No macro buttons within reach, RGB lighting..

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#2 Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Razer is one of the best-known manufacturers when it comes to input devices for gamers. The successful “Chroma” series from Razer has been popular with many players since 2014 and convinces with good quality. The BlackWidow is definitely one of the best options for a Fortnite gaming keyboard.



USB and 3.5mm jack, Programmable macro keys in a good range, Three versions for mechanical fine-tuning and more individuality


Relatively expensive

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#3 SteelSeries Apex M500

SteelSeries produces not only perfect mouse for gaming but also solid mechanical gaming keyboards. By default, the Cherry MX switches are used and set to good processing. My first mechanical keyboard was from SteelSeries, which accompanied me for several years under full load and had to share one or the other emotion. Stability approved!


good price/performance ratio, Several models and versions with extras, Anti-ghosting thanks to a specially developed key rollover


No macro buttons, No connection ports

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Best Fortnite Keyboard – Buyer’s Guide


How To Choose A Good Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite?

Good Workmanship

The direct comparison after the purchase is difficult to perform and usually in the first few weeks hardly a difference is felt. The processing becomes noticeable after a few months in continuous operation. High-quality materials and a cleaner finish prevent loose keystrokes and the wobble of frequently used keys. In addition, the keyboard should sometimes be able to survive an “emotional” moment without damage. Meaningful materials are therefore a must. Small factors, such as the board thickness, are crucial for a good keyboard.

Macro Keys

Fortnite is one of the games in which macro keys can be meaningfully used. The pulling of the medikit, another weapon or the grenade takes place via an instance – the button. I do not want to know how many times I’ve already had to believe it, because I had to scrutinize my inventory or rape my mouse wheel before I could go into action.

Mechanical Buttons

There are two types of keyboard designs. The office keypad is usually equipped with a rubber mat under the keys. On the one hand, it determines the resistance when pressing and on the other hand it influences the pressure point. Mechanical keys have mechanical switches instead. The best switches include the Cherry MX Switches.

The keyboard as a mechanical input device has now completely taken over the gaming scene. Personally, I do not know anybody who still uses a standard keyboard for gambling. It’s the feel, the pressure points and the quality of the mechanical keyboard that make it so much more fun to gamble. And let’s be honest, even if the noise level of the mechanical control unit is a bit loud, one or the other, including me, like the clicking sound every time you press the button.

Difference Between A Normal And A Mechanical Keyboard?

Regular keyboards, such as the Logitech MK710, are great for everyday office use but make the Battle Royale site lean. The attachment point of the keys is heard faster on normal keyboards. Due to this sensitivity, so-called ghosting can’t be avoided. In games such as Fortnite, Pubg, and CS: GO, an unintentional jump can quickly be made that can even cost you victory. The layman will probably think that the whole thing is too strict. But gamers know what we are talking about.

Mechanical keyboards are equipped with longer intervals. For players, this means that the feedback or resonance is much better felt and heard. In addition, the processing of the mechanical peripheral device is usually more robust, which in turn results in a longer life. In contrast, normal keyboards are less noisy and generally much cheaper. However, if there is the talk of high-quality input devices, then the price range is no longer noticeable.

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