Best Travel Bag 2018 – Buying Review Guide

Whether or not you travel frequently to other cities or countries, you’ll always need a good travel bag. Admittedly, buying a better-value travel bag is the main objective, but quality criteria should never be discounted. The criteria you must absolutely pay attention to when buying are the dimensions, accesses, and pockets. On our buying guide, we took care to detail the best offers on the market. But if you do not have time to review everything, we invite you to consider the following three options.

What’s The Best Travel Bag?


How To Choose A Good Travel Bag?

A person who travels frequently should not be content to choose his travel bag by chance. It is necessary to have a good quality to accompany it in the long term. Nevertheless, how to buy a travel bag with a better quality-price ratio? To help you get answers to this question, here are some tips on the main criteria for choosing this product including size, access, and pockets.

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Size is the main feature that we will discuss in this buying guide for the best travel bags, as it determines the ability of this product to meet your needs. A bag that is too big is unnecessarily cumbersome, while another that is too small does not carry all the items you want to bring along for the duration of your trip. The reason why you should make your choice according to the importance of the clothes and objects that you usually bring with you when you travel.

To get an idea of ​​this size, you only need to check the dimensions of the model that interests you through its length, width, and height. However, also take the time to learn about its capacity that will also determine your ability to bring all of your business or only the bare necessities. This capacity is very variable from one model to another, but it is on average between 60 and 80 liters for a person who wants to make a long trip. However, there are small models with about 30 liters of volume for light travel enthusiasts.


The interior of travel bags on a price comparison is not always easy to access. Yet, this ease of access makes the use of this product comfortable by avoiding having to take out all of your belongings to take a garment or item.

First of all, a model with several separate compartments allows you to better organize yourself by putting in different places the items that you will need to access frequently and those that you will use very rarely.

Then, the presence of a side opening can be a great asset for some models to allow easy access to the inside of the bag. In addition, you can check for a double-close to open or close it easily, especially if it is overloaded.


Disoriented by the multitude of offers of this product on the market, you may wonder where to buy a new travel bag. Nevertheless, before asking this question, you should consider the pockets of this article. Their presence in many numbers both inside and outside the bag allows you to take with you more items, better organize their location according to your needs and ensures that you can easily take them in hand.

Therefore, it is best to check their number before investing in the purchase of a given model to know in advance if it is sufficient compared to the variety of objects that you bring on the move. You can also check their locking system to see if it is simple and secure.


The Best Travel Bags Of 2018

A travel bag is the number one piece of equipment for a traveler. That’s why his purchase should not be taken lightly. It is better to spend more to have a model of excellent quality rather than buying a cheap product that would be unusable after one use.




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How To Use A Travel Bag?

Travel bags are essential for activities such as hiking or camping. These accessories are also the most practical to go on vacation without being burdened with several suitcases, usually useless. Although the use of this kind of product is obvious, some tips could still help you a lot. It is in this sense that we invite you to read the few lines of this article.

Strategically Compartmentalize Your Effects

Travel bags have not only been designed so that you can take all your belongings with you on vacation. They can also provide you with strategic support for finding your belongings. This thanks to the pockets they put at your disposal.

The Samsonite 59 178/1041, for example, presents some of which a front that could accommodate the objects you will most often need. It can include your toothbrush or just your toiletries.

Use Wisely All The Capacity You Have

This value may vary from one model to another. Eastpak Midnight, for example, has 151 l, while the 5 Cities HOLD602 BLACK has 32 l. Depending on your needs, you can take with you some of the most useful things. To not clutter your bag, be sure to insert only the bare necessities. You will avoid weighing yourself down along the way. This feeling is always unpleasant.

Fold Your Clothes Effectively

There is an effective folding mode for clothes. You can then take everything you need without having to have two bags to do this. So, the most recommended would be to wrap your clothes to gain the most space in your transport accessory.

Do Not Overload Your Bag

If you do not want to damage your bag quickly, it is not recommended to overload it from the beginning. Always leave some empty space. This will be of great help to you in a few circumstances. In addition, you will not risk tearing the fabric that makes up your accessory. What preserves it from wear for a considerable time.

Avoid Using The Only Handle For Transportation

All models of travel bags have one or two carrying handles. These can only be used when your accessory is empty or not too full. Otherwise, you can tear them off. This will have an unsightly rendering on all of your luggage.

Adjust The Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is the device that you will most often use to carry your travel bag. This component is always adjustable. This depends on your size and your preferences. So be sure to put yourself at ease. You will avoid sudden tiredness throughout your journeys on foot. This especially if you plan to go hiking.

Secure Your Bag

To ensure the safety of all your belongings, make sure you have closed all the closures of your bag. In case you send your accessory in the hold, it is better to use a padlock.

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