Cat Mate C3000 Review 2019

Cat Mate C3000 Review – Buyer’s Guide


Our Review & Buyer’s Guide of Cat Mate C3000 will give you an in-depth idea of all things involved in it.

Moreover, with our picked advantage and drawback, you could easily take a decision whether Cat Mate C3000 is the right choice to accompany you in near future or not. So, let’s get started…Here’s Cat Mate C3000!

In A Hurry? Top Reasons To Buy

This device is always accurate at every distribution so that your pet always feeds well wherever you are. Some users say that getting started is not easy, but that’s not a problem for them.

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Main Advantage

The advantage of using Cat Mate C3000 is that it is able to accurately distribute the amount of food needed for each meal of your dog or cat.

Main Drawback

It is not easy for a few users to turn on this device, but this does not reduce the quality of this product.


Cat Mate c3000



The Precision

Cat Mate C3000 is characterized by its precision in the distribution of food according to the setting made. This accuracy allows your cat or dog to feed properly even if you are not at home. So you can go on vacation, or weekend or mission peacefully without worrying that your animal is starving.

The device allows you to set the meal at the frequency that suits you, once, two or three or four times a day. Each meal distributed at different times of the day can also be of varying quantity depending on how you have used your pet to feed. The dispenser always remains accurate according to the setting made. By the way, you can set the device to dispense food from one time to another, but this mode is only used for one day.


The Capacity

The Cat Mate C3000 hopper has a capacity of 3 kg to allow you to feed an animal up to a month depending on the setting and as usual to take his meal. A high-capacity dispenser allows you to move safely at the time that’s right for you while keeping your pet well fed.

The minimum amount to be dispensed is 10 g, the equivalent of two teaspoons of kibble. Such an assay ensures that your pet never misses food even if you move for a while. This presumed best food vending machine allows you to be free to manage the amount to be dispensed at each meal; but for a dog or a cat, this ability always remains important to feed it independently for several days.



To make this device one of the best food vending machines, its manufacturers have ensured that its use is secure. This dispenser can be attached to a wooden board to ensure that the entire unit remains stable even when dispensing. Once this device is fixed, you will not have to fear that your animal will overthrow it and that it can not feed during your absence.

This device is intended to feed properly and regularly your pet in your absence. If the animal can access the food and empty the hopper after a few days, it can remain hungry for the remaining days before you return. Hence the importance of this fixation and ensure that the lid is closed before leaving your pet alone at home.

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