Dyson Air Multiplier Review 2018

Dyson Air Multiplier Review – Buyer’s Guide


Main Advantage

The Dyson Air Multiplier ventilator allows you to be refreshed with a lot of efficiencies, safely and with 75% less noise.

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Main Drawback

The majority of critics of this model relate to its price, which some people consider too high.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This fan is powerful and remains more comfortable to use thanks to its ability to operate with negligible noise compared to that emitted by other similar devices, but the price of the device is related to its quality.



Dyson Air Multiplier



Air Multiplier Technology

Thanks to the Air Multiplier technology that accompanies it, this fan accelerates the air and passes it through an annular opening. The air that comes out is driven by the air from where you use the fan to ensure that the resulting airflow is both soft and powerful.

This technology ensures that you can be refreshed naturally as if you were not in front of a fan, but on a beach. In addition, since dyson air multiplier has no blades and uses only this technology to cool you down, you run no risk of having a discontinuous flow of air, having only one flow of continuous air being very nice.

In addition, the use of this technology means that the use and maintenance of dyson air multiplier are secure. Indeed, in this case, you will not have any more sharp blades to fear nor gates that interfere.


The Noise Emitted

The best Dyson Air Multiplier fan is not only efficient but also quiet. Indeed, the device is 75% quieter when compared to the majority of standard fans on the market.

In the majority of cases, if the fans are quiet, it is because the motor that turns their blades runs at low speed. This situation implies that the air flow obtained is not powerful enough. That’s why most powerful fans have motors that rotate the blades with high speed. However, such models are noisy even though the resulting airflow is powerful.

Dyson Air Multiplier works with Air Multiplier technology and does not use blades to cool you down. For this reason, this fan can both deliver powerful airflow and operate with less noise.


The Programmer

To ensure that this model is used in comfort, Dyson Air Multiplier comes with a programmer that lets you program its operation so you do not have to adjust it manually. This timer allows you to turn off the fan after a time that you have previously indicated between 15 minutes and 9 hours.

The ability to program the fan allows you to use the device in comfort on different occasions. This can save you from having to get up and control it through the remote control while you are sleeping. In some areas, at night, it gets cooler as time goes up to a level where you will not need to be refreshed by a fan. This will save you from wasting electricity for nothing without having to sleep, explaining that this model is considered one of the best fans.

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