Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat Reviews 2019

Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat Reviews – Buyer’s Guide


Our Review & Buyer’s Guide of Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat will give you an in-depth idea of all things involved in it.

Moreover, with our picked advantage and drawback, you could easily take a decision on whether Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat is the right choice to accompany you in near future or not. So, let’s get started…Here’s Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat!

In A Hurry? Top Reasons To Buy

This product is both comfortable and secure to lull your baby for sleeping and letting him rest. Though the safety strap is a little annoying but it does not reduce the quality of this awesome baby swing, according to the opinion of some people.

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Main Advantage

In addition to the musical function and its 5 rocking speeds, the swing is accompanied by a safety strap to attach at 5 different points.

Main Drawback

The safety strap may be a bit of a nuisance for the baby, but a large number of users do not have a problem with this.


Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat




Ingenuity Convert Me Swing 2 Seat comes with a safety strap that can be attached at 5 different points to allow your little one to adopt the posture that suits him without any risk of falling. The swing can rock your baby in an autonomous way, you can take care of other tasks and do not worry about the possibility of a risk that your baby falls if he wakes up.

In addition, the feet of this baby swing is non-slip to optimize this safety by keeping the whole stable even if your child has a tendency to move very hard when it is on. Therefore, you will not have to fear that these feet slip if your little one moves while you are busy with other things elsewhere. All these features show the safe use of this model.


The Seat

The seat of Ingenuity Converts Me Swing 2 Seat is made of quality material and is very comfortable for a child. This model can be adjusted to two different seating positions, swing-shaped and reclining to maximize the comfort of your child by adopting each position that suits him.

When the swing is used in swing mode, it allows you to rock your child with 5 different speeds that can be programmed to do the movements independently for 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Rocking is done in silence thanks to the WhisperQuiet technology of the swing. Used in reclining mode, the seat is locked in a fixed position, but vibrations can be used to soothe your child if needed. These are strengths that make this model part of the best baby swing according to its users.


The Accessories

On one side, to put your baby to sleep, Ingenuity Convert Me Swing 2 Seat comes with a musical function that makes him listen to melodies to rock him. Thanks to this function, even if you are not near your child and even if you do not intervene, he can fall asleep alone. Which also gives you time to do something other than taking care of him.

On the other side, when he is awake so that he does not get bored, this swing is equipped with two plush toys and 3 loops if you want to hang other toys. The goal is to distract him when you want to take care of your other kids or the kitchen and he does not get bored at the same time; and unless he has special needs, your baby will not cry for anything thanks to these toys.

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