MYTAGALONGS Packing Pods Review 2019

MYTAGALONGS Packing Pods Review – Buyer’s Guide


Main Advantage

MYTAGALONGS Packing Pods backs up their quality products with lightweight nylon so that it won’t add much to your baggage weight at all!  The packing cubes in a set of 3 practical sizes with a super cute look along with an offer of around 30% compression, which is great if you need to try and save a bit of space in your luggage!

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Main Drawback

Make sure to recheck the actual sizes of the cubes before purchasing as the cubes look bigger than what they are in the photo…

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

MYTAGALONGS Packing Pods is our favorite packing cubes if you know you are limited in space and honestly, there is no need to look further!




Buyer’s Guide


How To Choose?

Traveling light is an ideal that everyone can’t afford. But organized travel is now accessible to all thanks to a number of tips including just the baggage organizer. This kind of trousseau which adapts to a multitude of use also sports different configurations. Here are some things to consider before buying.


The Size And Proper Shape

From the size of a rectangular pouch to that of a large square trousseau, the organizer is a real tote where you have his own business. By knowing the capacity of each organizer, one is also able to avoid the excess of luggage. But above all, the idea is to distinguish the storage of dirty and clean linens, work folders, personal papers and jewelry and small utilities of everyday life such as electronic accessories or toilet tools. We can choose one or two organizers for each category of objects. But for the most forgetful, it is also wise to choose several for all his things and place them strategically in the bag.


The Versatility And Practicality

The quadrilateral design of the luggage organizers is already an ideal condition to allow impeccable storage (space saving, stability in the suitcase …). This allows them to be used to arrange both the suitcase and the storage furniture at home. And if the packs of several packages of different sizes are advantageous for optimal storage and their price more interesting than the purchase of a single piece, it is also convenient to compose a lot of organizers of different colors or look, to easily differentiate his business.

Individually, the keychains and pockets should also have two or more compartments to properly arrange each element, then find them in an instant. And in the case of a long-haul trip or for cases where the organizers do not fit in the suitcase, the large organizers should also have a drawstring or strap to form a carry-on.


The Significant Technical Details

Man, teenager or breastfeeding woman, young or old … each person should choose bags organizers of luggage to his measure and his style. The soft touch for the fairer sex, sober design for men, flashy colors for girls … but it is common criteria for all. In particular, the quality of materials is undeniably important. These must give luggage organizers perfect resistance to wear or tear. Some will also have strong armatures or walls to protect fragile objects like smartphones or tablets.

Closing systems will at the same time have to be of considerable durability. Sealing is also an important point to consider when choosing your organizer, especially when it comes to hand luggage. In any case, it is necessary to choose organizers produced in accordance with European or international standards, especially when it comes to carrying delicate things like those of the baby.


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