Rii K12 Review 2019

Rii K12 Review – Buyer’s Guide


Our Review & Buyer’s Guide of Rii K12 will give you an in-depth idea of all things involved in it.

Moreover, with our picked advantage and drawback, you could easily take a decision on whether Rii K12 is the right choice to accompany you in near future or not. So, let’s get started…Here’s Rii K12!

In A Hurry? Top Reasons To Buy

This product is one of the most reliable on the market today because it has an attractive design and a very appreciable rendering, not to mention its excellent value for money.

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Main Advantage

Previously, the CPU was linked to different accessories. What is not currently with the arrival of wireless keyboards. The stresses engendered by the threads are from now on remotely remembered. With the Rii-K12 is considered to be one of the best in its category on the market because it benefits from the multi-finger function.

Main Drawback

It is at the level of the dimensions of the keys that certain users are blocked. For the latter, they should have been larger to further facilitate seizures.


Rii K12




There is not a model of a wireless keyboard that adapts to the needs of everyone. Nevertheless, this product is one of the most sought after on the market. This success is reflected firstly by its charming design. Rectangular, this article is ultrathin which promises a pleasant grip. Subsequently, this product is less imposing and does not require a large space since it offers a length of 26 cm and a width of 8 cm for a total weight of 222 g. It is a stainless steel product which allows it to be very robust and solid.

Its small size and finesse do not detract from its design. This product is equipped with keyboards with very soft keys to allow pleasant entries. Below this device is a mini USB that can be connected to different media such as a computer or a TV set.


Great Compatibility

As wireless keyboards are currently trendy, this product is one of the most adopted by consumers. In addition to its attractive design and various features, this article has the advantage of being compatible with many devices and peripherals. Its owner can easily use it or connect it to HID Devices. It can perfectly fit with a Smart TV on Playstations consoles on a TV Box with Android systems. For operating systems compatible with this device, there is also a whole list.

Among other things, it can be used with Windows 2000 and XP, Windows 7 and 8. Linux Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0, Ubuntu-8.10 or an Android OS with standard USB interface can easily adapt this article.


Economical And Practical

To enjoy an elegant existence, this product is a real reference. In addition to its very slim appearance, this device offers the Touchpad system with multi-finger functions. Thanks to its endowment USB key, this article offers the opportunity to its users to navigate easily with media with a USB port such as a Mac mini, a TV, or a Macbook pro.

Subsequently, its owner will not need an installation CD to be ready to use since it is enough to connect his USB key on a support and the latter will detect it automatically. It should be noted that this rectangular box goes to sleep after a while when it is inactive.

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