Yamaha Piaggero NP31 Review 2019

Yamaha Piaggero NP31 Review – Buyer’s Guide


Our Review & Buyer’s Guide of Yamaha Piaggero NP31 will give you an in-depth idea of all things involved in it.

Moreover, with our picked advantage and drawback, you could easily take a decision that whether Yamaha Piaggero NP31 is the right choice to accompany you in near future or not. So, let’s get started…Here’s Yamaha Piaggero NP31!

In A Hurry? Top Reasons To Buy

Yamaha Piaggero NP31 is very appreciated by the fact “easy to carry” for it’s size and weight. The quality of the sound it emits is excellent, but according to some users, it could have been even better if the speakers ensure the emission otherwise.

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Main Advantage

The digital piano is lightweight and compact so you can use it at home or when traveling to practice continuously.

Main Drawback

There are users who claim that the speakers do not change much about the sound quality, but overall the product is of excellent quality.


Yamaha Piaggero NP31



The Intended Use

This digital piano is intended for those who plan to take a course and always use it whether at home or at the place where the training takes place. It is also suitable for users who travel frequently and who still want to practice wherever they are so they do not easily forget the knowledge they have learned. Indeed, Yamaha Piaggero NP31 is characterized by its lightness and its compactness which facilitate its transport during a displacement. Moreover, the set is not bulky compared to certain types of pianos so you can store it and not have to install it in a given place.

This model can be used by both a beginner and a professional. Indeed, its keyboard consists of a sufficient number of keys to allow you to play as a professional piano and the sound it emits are breathtaking.


The Sound

Yamaha Piaggero NP31 emits sounds of excellent quality. It can make you enjoy different types of sounds of which the number can go up to 10 as well as various possibilities of settings. The advantage of choosing a model with this quality is that you can appreciate the quality of each piece you play as if you use a real piano. Even if you are just starting to use such a musical instrument, you will not be easily discouraged during the learning process because of the sound that the device emits.

When using a headphone or external speaker, the result is even better. The speakers of this digital piano have a power of 6 Watts each. This product being, in particular, intended to be connected to an external system, this power is correct and sufficient.



The Yamaha Piaggero NP31 keyboard includes 76 keys. For a portable model, not bulky when you bring it on a trip, a number of keys like this are only on quality products that can satisfy both young and old. The bass keys are heavy and the treble keys are light.

The quality of these keys gives you the sensation of hearing sounds from a real piano every time you put your fingers on the keyboard. Indeed, the flexibility of all the keys and the fact that they are heavy at the bass allow you to have a little time difference between the time during which your fingers are in contact with the keyboard and the emission of sounds. The sensation obtained is similar to that which occurs when playing on a real piano.

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